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To significantly increase your company’s sales figures, you will need the help of sales tracking tools. They will provide you with reliable data that will help you understand which of your sales strategies is the most profitable so that you can stick with it in the future. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best deal tracking tools so that you can understand what a decent deal tracking software should include.

What is sales tracking software?

The concept of sales tracking software refers to any tool that can provide your sales department with sales information. With their help, you’ll have a chance to better understand and learn about your target customers, as well as identify your problem areas and fix them in time. Also, with the help of such programs, you will improve the overall performance of your company and your sales reps in the market, and in-depth analytics will help you quickly determine what you need to do. Below we take a look at the best sales tracking tools for 2022.

Nutshell Review

Nutshell takes a venerable first place on the list of the best because it’s quite simple and efficient to use. That way, you can start analyzing your sales data and start working on improving it almost immediately. View the position of your leads and their place in your sales funnels, analyze important metrics without any special education, and estimate your sales revenue without any problems.

Key features of the Nutshell merger tracker include:

  • Providing automated various reports, including sales, loss, activity, and forecasting reports. You will instantly have access to the most detailed data that pertains to all of these categories
  • Sales funnel – with it, you’ll be able to determine at what stage your deals are struggling and how to improve your sales ratio
  • Loadable charts – it can take a lot of time to create charts yourself, but companies don’t have extra time, so anything that can be automated should be automated

Salesflare Review

Salesflare is great if companies don’t want to track the sales process manually. This solution is a CRM system that analyzes the whole sales process based on the collected data from your emails, calendar, social networks, phone, and company database. Salesflare allows you to save a lot of time, which means you can take the necessary actions more quickly to increase your sales performance and provide the necessary indicators, dashboards, and overviews.

Main features:

  • Integrated tracking – the program allows you to see the actions of all users, pages visited, and time spent there
  • Computerized sequences of emails – automate the process of sending emails with the program’s workflows
  • Synchronized email signatures – so you no longer waste your time entering addresses and phone numbers manually, all this data is synchronized and automatically added to the Salesflare database. The program also integrates with over 3,000 useful programs

EngageBay Overview

Simplify the creation and implementation of your sales strategy with the simple and intuitive deal track EngageBay software. This software offers integration with email and office programs, as well as two-way synchronization and automation of many processes. So for example you can simplify the sales funnel, track transaction pipelines, and do other tasks related to sales of your company. You can also automate the evaluation of your leads and revenue management.

In addition, EngageBay offers many other useful automated features that will simplify communication with customers and increase their numbers, such as telephony, business offer analytics, and more.